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AI Reading Tutor
with Assessments

Based on Science of Reading 

Aligned with UFLI Scope & Sequence
For K to Grade 3


Built by teachers


Saves teachers time


Boosts literacy outcomes

One-on-one tutor for every student

When students struggle to decode, they click the letters to learn how to sound them out. Then they read out loud as our AI tutor listens & provides precision feedback and support.

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Hundreds of decodables
& assessments

All aligned with UFLI Scope & Sequence. Written by real teachers, for quality.

Illustrated by real artists, for safety.

Precise, powerful data

As students read aloud, mistakes are automatically detected and sent to teachers in easy-to-read charts.

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Saving teachers time while improving literacy outcomes

Powerful assessment data for educators 

Empowering teachers & schools to identify precisely where students need more support.

Hundreds of stories and assessments

Saving teachers hours each week with UFLI-aligned decodables & automated assessments.

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Boosts literacy outcomes

Research demonstrates up to 19.3% increase in score in under 4 weeks!

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What Teachers are Saying

“I am proud to say my low students who we were concerned about are now achieving letter names and beginning to achieve letter sounds! These students are the ones who do English Islands the most. I just wanted to let you know! this tool is really beneficial to all students. Thank you so much!”

Kate Hodgeman
Fairport Beach PS


“Oh my goodness, they LOVED the dog illustrations! I felt like today was better than the other day and the three word sentences are where they're at! Each day will get better and better!”

Kayla Grant Colton Pierrepont Central School


“English Islands is just a really great one in terms of providing that instant real-time feedback for kids, they get that pinpointed phoneme level feedback on their progress.”

Kimiko Shibata 

Teacher in Waterloo


It takes four times as long to intervene in fourth grade as it does in late kindergarten (NICHD) 

Help your students catch up now

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