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AI-Powered 1:1 Reading Tutor with Automated Literacy Assessments

Based on Science of Reading
Aligned with UFLI* 

For JK-Grade 3 Reading Levels

*UFLI does not endorse 3rd party providers

Students love it!

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Powerful assessment data

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Identify precisely where your students need support

Hundreds of decodable
stories & assessments


All aligned with UFLI Scope & Sequence.

Designed for students,
by teachers

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Students love our fun illustrations!


Kate Hodgeman
Fairport Beach PS

"I am proud to say my low students who we were concerned about are now achieving letter names and beginning to achieve letter sounds! These students are the ones who do English Islands the most. I just wanted to let you know! this tool is really beneficial to all students. Thank you so much!" 


As Mentioned On
OnEdMentors Podcast

"English Islands is just a really great one in terms of providing that instant real-time feedback for kids, they get that pinpointed phoneme level feedback on their progress."


Kayla Grant
Colton - Pierrepont Central School

"Oh my goodness, they LOVED the dog illustrations! I felt like today was better than the other day and the three word sentences are where they're at! Each day will get better and better!"

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